About Me

It took a long time for me to feel comfortable calling myself a writer. 

When I went to college, I planned to become a writer and even declared a creative writing major. But then fear took over. I worried that I didn’t have anything important to say, that I wasn’t talented enough and that I wouldn’t be able to earn a living writing. So I graduated with a degree in accounting. A mistake? I can’t say it was. That detour led me to meet my husband and to have three amazing children.

And it was my husband and my children that led me back to writing. They gave me inspiration about what to write and the courage to let people read my words. I submitted a personal essay I wrote about motherhood to a local parenting magazine, and they agreed to publish it. The response was so positive that the editor asked me to write for the magazine regularly.

That was over twelve years ago, and I haven’t stopped writing since. My work has appeared in many online and print publications. I write both personal essays and research-based articles on a wide range of topics, including parenting, midlife issues, and mental health. Sometimes I still get worried by those same doubts I had in college. The difference is that now those fears don’t stop me, because I know I am a writer.

Check out my portfolio to browse some of my works!

And a little more about me…

I love to write. Journal entries, to-do lists, lunch box notes, birthday letters and of course, essays and articles – I am always writing. You can find me typing away frantically on the computer in the kitchen (way too close to the coffee pot and snack-filled pantry) or scribbling away feverishly in a spiral notebook with a black ballpoint pen, pretty much every day.

When I’m not writing, I am reading. Or I could also be watching television. I am passionate about my shows and love to discuss the characters as if they were personal friends. Dramas, comedies, reality shows and re-runs for my beloved 80’s or 90’s – I like it all. Lying on the couch with the remote in one hand (a copy of the NY Times Sunday Style Section nearby), a bowl of popcorn mixed with M&M’s and my family is my happy place. I want to say that I love exercising but I don’t. However, I do find that I get my best ideas of what to write about when I am riding a bike outside or in the middle of spin class. So I do exercise, to sweat a little and be inspired a lot.

People have asked how I decide what to write about and the answer is I am naturally inquisitive. My curiosity is why I write about such a wide range of topics from parenting to midlife issues to mental health. In the imaginary thought bubble over my head are tons of ideas begging to be written down.

I love asking questions and am fortunate to be able to seek answers from many interesting people who have been willing to share their experiences, insight and expertise.

My question asking extends to myself too. I tend to be introspective which is why I like writing personal essays. In addition to being a writer, I treasure my roles of being a wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend. These relationships bring me constant inspiration, support and encouragement.

Thanks for reading! I hope you will come back to the site soon.