About Me

They say you should write what you know… but I don’t always agree.

​That is why I do two different types of writing.

As a personal essayist, I write about what I know. The lessons I’ve learned and the moments that brought me sadness and joy or fits of uncontrolled laughter. I have written many pieces based on my life as a wife, mother of three, friend, daughter and woman in her midlife. My writing style is one of self-reflection, mixed with honesty, nostalgia and often humor. I don’t want to write about myself as much as I try to write about universal stories. The hope is that readers will relate to these experiences and perhaps see their own feelings articulated in my words.

My second specialty is writing research-based articles. These pieces are often about things I don’t know but wish I did. As a journalist, I love having the opportunity to interview experts and report their insights on topics such as psychology, nutrition, mental health, fitness, education and so much more. My hunch is that if I am looking for answers or am curious about a subject and crave to learn more, other people might be too.

I have always been a writer – even before I started writing professionally in 2006. From journal writing in my purple bedroom in Queens, NY, to writing poems for the PS 232 Gazette to writing articles for my Binghamton University newspaper, writing has always made me happy.

Other things that make me happy include spending time with my husband and three inspiring children, pizza, the New York Times Sunday Style section, watching television (especially reality TV) and getting lost in a good book on a lounge chair at the beach.

Like something I wrote? Hate it? Want me to write about something you have been thinking or wish you could read? Email me – I’d love to hear from you!